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  • Banner NH 1- for a United World
    New Humanity is an international NGO, active in over 100 countries. Since 1987 New Humanity has enjoyed the Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC/UN and since 2005 General Consultative Status. Since 2008 it has been a recognised NGO partner of UNESCO.
    It participates in European Commission programmes, particularly in the youth area.

  • Banner NH 2- Unity in the Human family
    New Humanity's principles and initiatives draw on the values of the focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich, UNESCO prizewinner in 1996 for peace education and Council of Europe prizewinner in 1998 for Human Rights.
    It spreads the idea of a United World and promotes Universal Fraternity.

  • Banner NH 3- Its the time of action
    Supported by its Delegations in New York, Geneva, Paris, New Humanity participates on projects of the ECOSOC Social Council and UNESCO Council of Human Rights, with involvements on specific themes and presentation of experiences and projects in the fields, in collaboration with other Associated NGOs and with experts in cultural and social matters.
  • Banner NH 4- On evidenceThrough the United World Project, Youth for a United World (N. H.'s youth section) undertake to promote the ideals of the "Golden Rule" ("do unto others as you would have them do unto you") and of Ubuntu ("I am what I am because of who we all are "). The project calls on each member of society to live directly for fraternity. Youth for a United World wishes to involve UNESCO in their project too and they will be strongly supported by New Humanity.

Human Rights International Day: UNIRedes promotes a more Fraternal and Cohesive World

UNIRedesIn the occasion of the 64th UN International Day of Human Rights - 10th December - UNIRedes launched its "Action Plan for a more Fraternal and Cohesive World."The Manifesto has been signed by all the 50 Associations from 12 Countries of Latin America and Carribean which are part of this network and share the same engagement into the promotion of a new culture of fraternity. Many of these association collaborate with New Humanity and share the same aims and values.


Geneva: New Humanity at "The Family, Source of Strenght and Security for Today's Social Challenges"

The family source of strength and security for today social challengesThe most important 2014 event which has been organised this year by the Forum of Catholic Inspired NGOs in Geneva (CINGO) took place on 24th November to the Palais des Nations.
Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, the main representative of New Humanity in Geneva, took part to the event. He moderated a Panel about the good acting practices in the field of the event.

Watch the reportage by EWTN


Geneva: New Humanity's contribution to the conference "Hope or Utopia? The Civilization of Love"

Esperance ou utopie La civilisation de lAmour 1On 30th  October last, in the Library of the Palais des Nations  in Geneva, the conference "Hope or Utopia? The Civilization of  Love" took place. The event marked the celebration of the figure of Pope Paul VI at the UN, through the presentation of the book "The civilization of love according to Paul VI" and the participation of important authorities and academics. Also present was Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, chief representative of New Humanity in Geneva, who, on behalf of his NGO, gave the closing speech.

Dr. Ferreira's intervention (at 1.35.40, French)


Living Peace: The third edition of the project of Peace Education of New Humanity is now beginning

Living Peace 1

Living Peace is the path of Peace Education of New Humanity and El Rowad American College (Egyt). It involves children and teens from 5 to 18 years old, with the primary purpose to cooperate together to construct  a "network" of peace in the world.
Dead line for inscribing your class, community, family, institution, or association is November 15, 2014 (on the official website of the Project).

icon General Presentation of the Project
icon A booklet for Peace Education


Geneva: New Humanity's pedagogical vision of the Convention on the Rights of Children

Colloquio Il bambino e la ReligioneOn 18th  September 2014, a Discussion on “The Child and Religion” was held at the International Bureau of Education in Geneva. The event also saw the participation of Dr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, chief representative of New Humanity in Geneva, with a speech entitled: “The objectives of education in the Convention on the Rights of the Child: a pedagogical view”.

Download the speech: icon Les buts de l'éducation dans la Convention des droits de l'enfant: un regard pédagogique (French)


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