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    New Humanity is an international NGO, active in over 100 countries. Since 1987 New Humanity has enjoyed the Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC/UN and since 2005 General Consultative Status. Since 2008 it has been a recognised NGO partner of UNESCO.
    It participates in European Commission programmes, particularly in the youth area.

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    New Humanity's principles and initiatives draw on the values of the focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich, UNESCO prizewinner in 1996 for peace education and Council of Europe prizewinner in 1998 for Human Rights.
    It spreads the idea of a United World and promotes Universal Fraternity.

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    Supported by its Delegations in New York, Geneva, Paris, New Humanity participates on projects of the ECOSOC Social Council and UNESCO Council of Human Rights, with involvements on specific themes and presentation of experiences and projects in the fields, in collaboration with other Associated NGOs and with experts in cultural and social matters.
  • Banner NH 13- Cayrus- en The Cayrus Project will highlight the use of the arts inspiring creative activism on behalf of human rights. It involves about 60 youth participants and 11 youth NGOs from 8 countries member states of EU (DE,IT, ES, PT, IR)  and from the partner Countries of the Erasmus + Program wich co-finance this Project. Cayrus central event will be the Living Peace Festival in El Cairo (4-6 of May 2015).


Cáceres: YUSTE Youth Summer Camp Offers the Tools to Design the Future of Europe

Logo YusteThe Summer Camp of the International Project "YUSTE - Youth Up, Sharing Talent for Europe" has been held in Cáceres (Spain) from 4 to 12 of July 2015. It has been promoted by New Humanity and six other European Organisations and it has been financed by the Erasmus + Programme. Young participants (17-25 yars old) come from Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Lithuania. They discovered in a funny and creative way the values of diversity and of collaboration to the European process of integration.

For more information:

icon YUSTE Summer Camp Leaflet
You Tube YUSTE Summer Camp Video presentation
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Paris: N.H. Displays an Example of Field of Actions at the Fourth Forum of NGOs in Official Partnership with UNESCO

Quatrieme forum ONG en partenariat avec lUNESCOWhich is the role of women in fighting poverty? On the next 30th of June New Humanity presented at the UNESCO an example of field of actions about this topic, promoted by Koz Kazah Association, its Egyptian partner. The statement of New Humanity has been presented by Mrs Chantal Grevin - the main Representative of New Humanity in Paris - in occasion of the Fourth Forum of NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO, which was centered on this theme.

icon Download the Field of Actions Presented by Mrs Grevin


Geneva: The Youngsters of N.H. Explore the System of Human Rights and the Role at the UN of the Catholic Inspired NGOs

The role of International organisations 2015The last 23th of June New Humanity's Delegation in Geneva organised a Conference about the "International System of Human Rights and the Role of Holy See and Catholic Inspired NGO’S at the U.N." This event has been held at the Room VIII of the Palais des Nations especially for the fifty youngsters of New Humanity from 27 World Countries and it was organised together with the other Catholic Inspired NGOs in Geneva.


Geneva: New Humanity Meets the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education

Meeting with Rapporteur Spécial on Right to EducationOn the 19 th of June, New Humanity met - together with other NGOs - Mr Kishore Singh, Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education. Mr Jorge M. Dias Ferreira, the main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva, presented an analysis about the Mr Singh's last Reports. It have been also presented a Written Statement prepared by Mr Juan Garcia Gutierrez. He is in the photo with Mr Singh and he is the Additional Representative of New Humanity and Professor at the School of Education of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid.

icon Download the Written Statement of Mr Gutierrez (Spanish)


Geneva: New Humanity delivers its inputs to the Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity

NHs input to Dandan 2Ms Virginia Dandan - the Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity - invited the Civil Society Organisations to deliver their inputs on a Draft Declaration about this theme. The event has been held on the 16th of June, at the Room XXIII of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. New Humanity presented its inputs through the two interventions of Mrs Maria Esther Salamanca Aguado and Mr Davide Bilardi.

icon Download the Intervention of Mrs Salamanca
icon Download the Intervention of Mr Bilardi

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