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  • Banner NH 1- for a United World
    New Humanity is an international NGO, active in over 100 countries. Since 1987 New Humanity has enjoyed the Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC/UN and since 2005 General Consultative Status. Since 2008 it has been a recognised NGO partner of UNESCO.
    It participates in European Commission programmes, particularly in the youth area.

  • Banner NH 2- Unity in the Human family
    New Humanity's principles and initiatives draw on the values of the focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich, UNESCO prizewinner in 1996 for peace education and Council of Europe prizewinner in 1998 for Human Rights.
    It spreads the idea of a United World and promotes Universal Fraternity.

  • Banner NH 3- Its the time of action
    Supported by its Delegations in New York, Geneva, Paris, New Humanity participates on projects of the ECOSOC Social Council and UNESCO Council of Human Rights, with involvements on specific themes and presentation of experiences and projects in the fields, in collaboration with other Associated NGOs and with experts in cultural and social matters.
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    Live Your Challenge: Competition in Sports, Value and Critical Issues
    is the title of the 6th International Meeting of Sportmeet Association (partner of New Humanity). It will take place in Pise, 4 - 6 of April 2014. The event is open to every sports Professionists of any field and discipline, in order to reflect about Sports and Fraternity.


Cairo: New Humanity at the "Living Peace Festival"

Leaving Peace FestivalOn 6th  April, Cairo was the venue of the sixth edition of the "Living Peace Festival". The event was held to present the results obtained thus far by the international project for education for peace which involves 25,000 youngsters from 200 schools in 103 countries of the world.
Representing New Humanity - event partner - were Mrs Cecilia Landucci and Mr Roberto Borri,  Education Commission directors of the Umanità Nuova Movement.

Watch the live streaming of the event



Rome: "Chiara and the Religions", interfaith symposium on the spirituality of Chiara Lubich

Conferenza Chiara e le religioni 3On 20th March 2014 the city of Rome host to the conference "Chiara and the religions: together towards unity in the human family". Remembering her six years on from her death, over 500 participants from 32 nations around the world, representing 8 religions, wished to provide joint testimony of the dialogue opened by the charisma in unity of Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolari Movement and prominent figure in the present-day reality of interfaith dialogue. The event was preceded  by a three-day seminar which saw the participation of  250 people from 25 countries.

Some videos of the event


São Paulo: the "Civitas Association" promotes a radical change for Latin America

Cambiamento radicale per lAmerica LarinaFrom 17th  to 21st  February 2014 the Brazilian city of São Paulo hosted the seminar "For a radical change in Latin America". The event was held at the University of São Paulo, the Megapolo Brasilero de São Paulo and the Mariapoli Ginetta. It was organized by the  Civitas Association, the Latin American face of the Political Movement for Unity which shares New Humanity's values in the area of politics.


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