Geneva: CINGO Forum and the President of N.H met the new Nuncio

CINGO met Jurkovic 2

“You should stay here; More and More; Always United”

8 June, Palais des Nations

Archibishop Ivan Jurkovic – new Apostolical Nuncio at the Pemanent Observatory of the Holy See at the United Nations in Geneva – already met with representatives from the Catholic Inspired NGOs Forum of Geneva (CINGO). Since the last month of January New Humanity helds the Presidency of the CINGO Forum and Mr. Marco Desalvo – President of New Humanity – and Mr. Jorge M. Dias Ferreira – main Representative in Geneva – both attended this meeting.

First of all, Monsignor Jurkovic decided to personally know more about every participant and NGO attending the meeting, the last 8 June at the Palais de Nations. Later, with the support of some statistics, he analysed who is represented at the United Nations in Geneva: concretely, more than 200.000 delegated from Countries and NGOs from all over the world. “If we consider this numbers – he said – wherever else should we be represented?”.

CINGO met Jurkovic 4At the end of the meeting, Mr. Desalvo underlined the importance of “such a positive moment, rich in content and possible evolutions”. Archibishop Jurkovic repeatedly enhanced the contribution that catholic inspired NGOs are able to give and the concluded with an appeal: “You should stay here, more and more and always united!” He finally thanked every participant, he promised his support and presence and he delivered his congratulations for the job already done.

Unity plays a key-role for the President of New Humanity as well: “Stayng with the various realities wich compose the CINGO Forum, you can immediately feel a positive atmosphere. You can easily understand the deep experience of communion that this organisations build together in the last years. It is an authentic ‘communion of resources and jobs (documents, ideas, event participation, tools,…)’ and you can notice during the presentations of the various ‘works in progress’ how the final outcome is not a mere summ of what every NGO is doing, but something extremely greater and much more appreciated at the international level.”

As a final remark, Mr. Desalvo declared: “My attendance to this meeting confirmed my opinion about the fundamental contribution that New Humanity, the other catholic-inspired NGOs and other people engaged into the promotion of common good are able to give to the International Institutions. Maybe, we cannot now already see the fruits of such a cooperation, however, ideas and good practices which are now produced have the potentiality to positively influence decisions and laws a the State level in the next future.”