Geneva: New Humanity Reflect on the Relationship Among Technological Development and Human and Ethic Values

Presentation of OIDEL Education Index

Presentation of OIDEL Report “The Freedom of Education Index” and of UNESCO Document “Rethinking Education: Towards a Common Good?”

28 April 2016, the Library of the United Nations Office of Geneva

 “Our contemporary world is more and more dominated by technology and robotic. Consequently, Education should promote more than ever the development of the human and ethic values among the youth”.
This is the most important part of the short intervention delivered by dr Jorge M. Dias Ferreira of New Humanity during this important conference. The event has been promoted by OIDEL and Novae Terrae NGOs. It had an audience of more than 80 people, including representative of diplomatic missions, international organisations and NGO.

This OIDEL Report is a paramount document – stated dr. Ferreira – It collected datas about the educational situation in more than 130 Countries in the world.” This report has been already presented in Strasbourg and dr. Fernandez, President of OIDEL NGO will present it the next 25 May at the Italian Parliament as well.

The main Representative of New Humanity in Geneva appreciated a lot the UNESCO Document as well. “The title is a true masterpiece, suggesting that education have to be rethinked toward a common good. It is a paramound document also because it declares the UNESCO’s perspectives on Education for the next 15 years.”