Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Price for Peace Education to Chiara Lubich

unesco peace price to chiara lubich in 1996

2016 is also the 30th anniversary of New Humanity and the 8th anniversary of Mrs Chiara Lubich death

New Humanity is living a period of important anniversaries!
The 19th of June 1986 it had been held in Rome the first meeting of all the members of the International Bureau of Economy and Work (which after some years assumed its current name of New Humanity NGO).
The 17th of December 1996 Mrs Chiara Lubich – founder of the Focolari Movement and of New Humanity – received the UNESCO’s Prize for Peace Education at the UNESCO’s Headquarters.
Finally, the 14th of March 2008 Mrs Chiara Lubich passed and since than, on that day, every year a world ceremony remembers a particular new element introduced by her charisma. 2016’s celebrations are obviously focused on peace promotion.

Chiara Lubich and Politics: See the video

As usual, the next 14th of March several events all over the world celebrate the figure of Chiara Lubich. The concurrence with the 20th Anniversary of the awarding of the Price for Peace Education, are the occasion to reflect in particular to her large contribution into the realisation of a new word of peace and fraternity. New Humanity International NGO had been created with this same purpose.

The celebrations of that days are the occasion to collect and share all the various initiatives raising all over the world by the Spirit of unity and of fraternity promoted by Chiara Lubich. An example is the petition which has been recently promoted by the Youth of New Humanity (Youth for a United World Movement).

More information and updates about all this events on the official website of the Focolari Movement.

Sing the Petition for peace promoted by the Youth of New Humanity.