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Uruguay: "Nueva vida" for Teens from Montevideo and Tacuarembò

Uruguay Nueva vida per i giovani di Montevideo e Tcaremb
"Nueva vida" Project
is based on the "Youth Center" of Borro, one of the most degraded slums of Montevideo (the capital cityt of Uruguay). It gives the chance for more than 300 young people of studing and having a meal.
Similarly, in Tucarembò, thanks to Schoolmates Project, it was possible to build also a library for teens of the city.

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Burkina Faso: Remedial courses for the poors of Bobo-Dioulasso

Burkina Faso Corsi di recupero per gli ultimi di Bobo-Dioulasso 2Since 2005, Teens4Unity Assoc. promoted "Seeds of brotherhood" project. This project wants to support with remedial courses and scholarships the poorest teens of one of the most populated and poor neighborhoods of Bobo-Dioulasso, called ‘Sarfalao.'
This action is part of the Schoolmates project, in order to promote fraternity among teens from North and South of the wolrd.

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India: "Udisha" project, as a sunrise for teens from Goregaon

Udisha 2007 2; Udisha Project (in English, "The ray of sun that brings in a new dawn"), since 2004 offered 30 scholarships to 30 beneficiaries (boys and girls). It is a very innovative initiative, wich promotes the "giving culture" among teens from North and South of the World. It is insered into "Schoolmates" Project, prmoted by Teens4Unity Movement.
Moreover, through this project, the possibility was given to the children of Goreagon and surrounding areas to have tutoring lessons for an hour and a half every day for a week during the school year.

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Siam: AMU's engagement in order to educate Burma's little refugees

Thailandia Limpegno dellAMU per istruire gli immigrati birmaniProject “Right to the Education for the Burma's children”, warranties the primary education for the Burma's children in Siam. They leave Burma with their families in order to escape from persecutions and poorness, but are rarely well integrated and educated in Siam.
640 children were involved last year. The Project is promoted by AMU ngo and the local Good Friend Center, in the Province of Mae Sot.

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Syria: School for deaf of AMU is a light of hope in spite of the violence of the war

Siria La scuola per bambini non udenti dellAMU faro di speranza nella devastazione della guerra civileIn Syria the civil war is being all the rage and also in Aleppo - the economical capital city of the Country - there is a dramatical situation. There, since 2004, is settled the Deaf School of AMU (Azione Mondo Unito) International NGO. It is a unique place of social and human formation and also of interreligius dialogue. It is a true light in the dramatical situation of the Country.


Portugal: European Youth learn the media education by "News&You" Project

BrochureNYNews&You project fulfilled during 2012, as part of the communitarian "Youth in action" programme. It addressed to youth and workers in the youth fields from several European Countries. Its goal was to improve their media skills, teaching them how to choose and transmit some quality information.
In June, a seminar about media education was organized in Lisbon. There, formative lessons accompanied multimedia laboratories, under the control of various media experts in different fields of the communicational field.

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Germany: "Starkmacher" Association makes youth powerfull without violence

Germania Lassociazione Strakmacher rende forti i giovani anche senza violenza“We are sure that in everybody there is something good and we would like to make it visible to the society” is the motto of “Starkmacher” (who makes stronger) Association. That goal is promoted across various projects in Germany, Europe and all over the world and it is direct to youth coming from the more degradated and dangerous realities.
Stark ohne Gewalt” (strong without violece) for example, actively involved since then 25,000 youth all over the world.

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Dominican Republic: "Café con Leche" school promotes an overall development of childern

Repubblica Dominicana la scuola Café con leche per uno sviluppo integrale dei bambini"Café con leche" (coffe with milk) school, is settled in one of the poorer areas of Santo Domingo. In 1990, Marisol Jimenez was a young student in pedagogy.
After two summers of volunteering for nearly 700 children of the El café Barrio, Marisol understood her mission: to teach on a regular basis and establish a permanent school.
Today, the school has over 500 students who attend morning and afternoon classes.

pdf "Café con Leche" children's school experience in Santo Domingo

Northern Ireland: An agreement among three Schools, in order to rebuild fraternal relations

Irlanda del Nord Un accordo tra scuole per ricostruire legami di fraternitàUlster is still a critical area, where different ethnical and religious communities lives completely segregated from the other. There, two catholic schools and a reformed one, in 1993 created a “circle of schools”, in order to promote fraternity among their students.
The project is still going on and brought during these 20 years lot's of unexpected results.

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