Geneva: at Social Forum 2012, proposals from New Humanity

Social forum 2012

Social Forum 2012 (1-3 October), at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, saw New Humanity represented by three young experts: Maria Giovanna Pietropaolo, Davide Bilardi and Marco Provenzale; while, during the panel’s discussion, before the conclusion of the event, “ Innovative approaches to development and globalization”.

 The title of this edition of the Forum was: “People-centred development and globalization.” three main aspects were covered in the debate, as outlined in article 6 of the resolution of the Human Rights Council:
– people-centered development actions and administration;
– participatory development actions and democratic governance, including the role therein of civil society and of social movements both locally and nationally;
– promotion of an environment conducive to equitable and sustainable development at a global level.

New Humanity proposed an interdisciplinary reflection, which would also encompass aspects of the humanistic field, taking on board the complexity of the current historical moment and thus not limiting itself to mere technical and economic assessments.

Social forum 2012 1In his speech “Crise psychologique et Développement intégrale et solidaire”, Dr. Ferriera highlighted the fact that the global crisis is – especially in the wealthiest nations – a crisis of an ethical nature at all levels.
Through a reflection on the ills connected to western development (questions of mental health, mental illnesses, drug abuse and other addictions, stress, depression, suicide, issues regarding the young and the elderly), Dr. Ferreira put forward, therefore, a new paradigm focusing on the holistic dimension of the human being, in which the spiritual dimension and interpersonal relations are also taken into account.
He followed by illustrating some concrete proposals, appealing for an international consensus, through which States review their current development policies and take into consideration also the categories of solidarity and fraternity when assessing their policies for getting through the current global crisis.

During Ferreira’s speech there were in attendance, amongst others, Mr. Ayuush Bat- Erdene, head of the Section for the Right to Development of the Human Rights Council, the ambassador Ms. Alya al-Thani, Chairperson-rapporteur, and Ms. Virginia Dandan, chairing the “Panel” and UN independent expert for Human Rights and International Solidarity.
Numerous compliments were paid, in particular for the innovation of the approach and for the categories put forward as development indicators: quality of life, relations between individuals and between States, the uniqueness of the human family and fraternity.

New Humanity’s contribution found a good match to the overall direction of the Social Forum, whose aim it is to provide a stage for the actors of civil society and representatives of the Member States, in order that they may freely debate and formulate new ways of approaching international problems and concrete proposals to be submitted to the Council of Human Rights.
Indeed, the Forum’s programme is defined jointly between these bodies, with each one on an equal footing as regards seats and order of participation.

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