Partners of New Humanity

Umanita Nuova - www.umanitanuova.orgNew Humanity Movement
New Humanity Movement aims to "bring back the soul of the cities" helping people to discover the personal contribution that each one is called to make as individuals and as part of a community...

sito gmuYouth for a United World
We are youth from all over the world, belonging to different nationalities, ethnic groups, and cultures. We belong to different religions and some have no religious beliefs but we share a passion to work for a united world.

Teens4unity - www.teens4unity.orgTeens4Unity Association
Presents in 182 nations, we are united by one goal: to make universal brotherhood a reality by involving many other teenagers in the world in this project...

sito edc-pEconomy of Communion Association
EoC involves entrepreneurs, workers, managers, consumers, economists, financiers, and others who want to build a society based on a culture of giving rather than on a culture of having...

sito mppu-pMovement for Unity in Politics
It is an international laboratory for political workers who function at different institutional levels or that come from different political parties and movements including diplomats, public officials, educators, and others active in politics...

sito cedCommunion and Law International Network
It is a group of legal professionals committed to exploring how relationships of fraternity may be built among the various actors in legal systems and how this in turn may contribute to a culture in which rights are fully protected...

sito mdc-pMedicine-Dialogue-Communion cultural Association
It wants to contribute towards the elaboration of a medical anthropology to redefine the meaning of the life and dignity of all persons, and the health–illness relationship in a personal and social dimension...

Ecoone - www.ecoone.orgEco One Project
Promoted by professors, researchers, and professionals in the environmental science's area, united by the wish to enrich our scientific knowledge by examining ecological problems with a humanistic perspective...

sito act-now Act Now Alliance
The idea of the Alliance is to use ICT applications via satellite to aid non-profit organizations around the world to further their work for sustainable development and for the reduction of poverty as set out in the Millennium Development Goals.

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