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Madaba: What Marco Desalvo Experienced in Meeting Groups of Refugees in Jordan

"The suffering we encountered made us feel 'one' with them, making us feel like world citizens."

“Project HOST SPOT", August 7-19, 2016

Desalvo in JordanFor 12 days in August, Marco Desalvo, President of New Humanity, together with 55 young people from various European and Middle Eastern countries participated in the first phase of “Project Host Spot" that took place at the reception center for refugees in Madaba, Jordan.  Ten Non-Governmental Organizations from 9 countries including New Humanity promote this project. Erasmus+, a program of the European Union to offer opportunities for European students to study, train, gain experience, and volunteer abroad, co-funds the project.
Mr. Desalvo shared his impressions with us at the end of this intense experience.

HOST SPOT Page on Facebook

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Madaba: The Project by the Youth of New Humanity and Caritas Jordan has been started

"Host Spot" Project

7 - 19 August 2016

Lancio Host SpotThey come from Jourdan, Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Palestine and Germany the 53 youg people which started yesterday their adventure whith the "Host Spot" Project. The initiative is organised by Caritas Jordan, New Humanity and other 7 organisations at the refugee camp of Madaba (Jordan) and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme.

There are many Young people from New Humanity participating into this project. Mr Marco Desalvo, President of New Humanity, is attending as well.

Follow the Project form the facebook page of Caritas Jordan

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International Projects: We are looking for Youh Volunteers for an Experience into a Jourdan Refugee Camps

Leave alone your TV, spend your Summer into an Hot Spots managed by Caritas Jordan

7-19 August 2016

Host SpotThe present refugee crisis in Europe, the importance of Social Media in order to promote a culture for dialogue and promotion of human rights, the need to have a deep awareness about the real daily difficulties of refugees,...are the main reasons leading to Jourdan a group of Youth people of New Humanity and other organisations form 9 European and Middle Eastern Countries. They will live an experience of voluntary work at the refugees' hot spots managed by Caritas Jordan, from the 7 to the 19 August 2016.

Join them, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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International Projects - Milonga

Milonga, "Mil ONG en Acción"

MilongaKey Words: Youth, International Exchange, Voluntary Work

Promoter: New Humanity

Project Summary: MilONGa is the acronym for "Mil ONG en Acción" (One thousand  of NGOs in Action). This Project actively engages over 18 young people from 1 to 6 months into several actions for the social development of various world peripheries. This initiative is promoted in cooperation with the Focolari Movement and in dialogue with other local hummanitarian organisations. Respect, inclusion and fraternity are the focus values for this project. There are already 12 available destinations (in Latin America and Carribean) and many other destination will be added during the next months.

Website of this Project

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International Project: Premier Screening of "Border Men" Film, to Reflect about Past and Future European Walls and Bridges

"Border Men"'s Premier Screening, 20 February 2016

Border Men"Bridges in Europe: Past and Future" Project has been promoted by New Humanity, in collaboration with Renovabis e Kirche in Not Fundations. It is aimed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, by reflecting on the present and past bridges and walls in contemporary Europe. This project is supported by the EU's Youth in Action Programme and is aimed to support the production of documentary films about real stories on the theme emphasize the key role of simple people, who felt a special responsibility towards their neighbors, having the belief that history can be changed throughout their sacrifice and the nations of the communist block countries would leave freely.

See the Official Trailer

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Living Peace Project: Let's Join the 2015-2016 Edition

Living PeaceThe Living Peace Project's 2015-2016 Edition was finally launched. This project is promoted by New Humanity and several partners in order to promote peace education.

You can easily participate: by inscribing your class untill October 30th, 2015; by living the peace "Dice" and "Timeout" practices; by launching initiatives in order to actively promote the peace, untill the final big event of May 2016.

pdf Presentation of Living Peace 2015 (656 KB)
Registration Form to the Living Peace Project

International Projects: Youth of the Preset Project Promoted a New Activity in Slovenia

presetNew Humanity is among the Partners of the Preset (“Participation, Resilience and Employability through Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Training”) Project. The Youth participants to this Project come from seven European and Latin American Countries and are architects and engineers interested on eco-sustainability.

The last month of March, Preset organised a Summer School in O'Higgins (Argentina) and the last 1st of August another appointment started in Slovenia, with an activity of Training and Capacity Builiding.

Visit the Project Website


The Project Presentation

cayrus living peaceThe Cayrus project was co-financed by the European Union in the contest of the Erasmus + Program. It involved about 60 youth participants from the EU member States or from Countries partners of the Erasmus + Programme and it has been implemented by 11 youth NGOs from 8 countries, member states of EU (DE,IT, ES, PT, IR)  and partner countries of the Erasmus + Program.

Cayrus highlighted the use of the arts to promote awareness and inspire creative activism on behalf of human rights.

It pursuited the following objectives:

  • stimulate a greater understanding and responsiveness to social and cultural diversity;
  • to enhance professional and management capacities and skills of youth organisations through new approaches to organisational development and professionalisation of staff, especially with new media;
  • enhance the international dimension of education and training, creating new opportunities for transnational cooperation and mobility of youth workers among Programme and Partner-Countries.

The Project central event was a Living Peace Festival in El Cairo (4-6 of May 2015).

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Youth Dice: Youth as Drivers for Innovation, Creativity & Engagement

Youth Dice: The Project

Proposta Logo YD 5cThe Youth dice Project is co-financed by the European Union in the contest of the Youth in Action Program. It involves 246 young people of which 123 are disvataged.

Project main targets

The major deficiencies to be tackled by the partners are the negative consequences from the collapse of the financial markets which have led to a truly alarming youth unemployment crisis in nearly all European countries. Therefore, the proposed broad transnational partnership between civil society and youth organisations from 27 European countries (DE, IT, PT, CZ, BE, HU, SK, SE, RO, LT, ES, FR, IE, HR, AT, CH, PL, UK, BG, GR, NL, DK, LV, MT, SI, NO, TR), aims to provide youth with new opportunities for non-formal learning and community participation.

A key result will be the mobilisation and empowerment of young people in the EU to become driving forces in their own personal and professional development contributing to social cohesion and inclusive growth.

Activities will help to develop and encourage their desire to engage a leading role in society and also provide the appropriate knowledge anchored in solid ethical values and a culture of sharing. Young people will be motivated and empowered to bring in their own innovative contribution for a positive change in society.

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Presentation of the Planned Activities

Let's empower the Youngsters's Creativity !

Presentazione attività in cantiereOne of the Fundamental goals of the Youth Dice Project is to promote the capacity of innovation and creativity of the young people involved. As a matter of fact, an internal notice has been launched last spring, aimed to empower the young people involved in the dreaming up and realisation of a project based on the support for their disadvantadges equal in age and the local community.

It was an occasion to mobilize and encourage young people of the EU in their personal and professional path and also to become active actors of a new social cohesion and an inclusive growth.

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The "Committed in Love" Workshop

Off to Concrete and Fraternal Commitment

Canitere impegnati nellamoreThe "Committed in Love" Workshop has taken place in the Italian city of Benevento. The event took place from 4th to 8th August and has seen the participation od about 200 young people, coming from six countries. The workshop aims to convince the young participants that a new world is still possible to be, despite the conflicts and mistrust in a better future. As a matter of fact they have been offered the instruments to act as responsible and active citizens.

Therefore, the training to active citizenship has been the yard core, but there have been also practical activities. In collaboration with the local "Caritas", all young people, divided in groups of work, have arranged breackfast for the local homless people and they have animated a didactic farm, in addition to the regular maintenance and service tasks for the structure which they were guests in.

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