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"Border Men"'s Premier Screening, 20 February 2016

Border Men"Bridges in Europe: Past and Future" Project has been promoted by New Humanity, in collaboration with Renovabis e Kirche in Not Fundations. It is aimed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, by reflecting on the present and past bridges and walls in contemporary Europe. This project is supported by the EU's Youth in Action Programme and is aimed to support the production of documentary films about real stories on the theme emphasize the key role of simple people, who felt a special responsibility towards their neighbors, having the belief that history can be changed throughout their sacrifice and the nations of the communist block countries would leave freely.

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The main goal of this project is to reach a large amount of Youth in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia, in Poland, in Germany and in Hungary and to animate common reflections among them and to inspire them to make a similar courageous choice at the present time.

It has been the same the last 20th of february, on the occasion of the Premier Screening of the new documentary film "Border Man". It is the third film produced thanks to this project. It reminisce the true history of two man that crossed the Berlin Wall in the midst of the Cold War in order to be themselves as bridges of dialogue and fraternity between two opposite blocks and paying by themselves all the consequences of their curageos choice.

Bridges in Europe Past and FutureOne of the story’s main protagonists is Guido Mirti, an Italian focolarino more commonly known as Cengia. From 1955 to 1966 (the year of his imprisonment in Prague and subsequent expulsion from the country) he was officially working as a tradesman, travelling to Czchekoslovakia, Hungary and East Germany and forming friendships with Catholic leaders who were being persecuted by the Communist Regime. He was animated by the intantion to promote also there the Idea of Fraternity that is now also inspiring New Humanity.

The documentary will be ready in Italian, German, Slovak and Hungarian by March 2016. It is part of the project “Bridges in Europe: past and future” that has now produced three documentaries: “The Doctors of East Germany", “YOLO” about the story of Cardinal Miloslav Vlk when he was a simple persecuted priest, and the present film about Guido Mirti.

"The goal was to offer the new generations an alternative key for understanding - declared Mrs Cinzia Panero, the director and superintendent of all the documentary films -  the Gospel message of mutual love applied to all social and historical contexts with amazing results.”


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