Let's Bridge - Portugal

Yes to Europe, to Joy, to Hope and to the City

Attività Movimento Juventude NovaAs part of the Let's Bridge Project, the "Movimento Juventude Nova" involved around 300 youngsters in a series of activities all over Portugal, on the issues of  European citizenship,  fraternity and intercultural dialogue.

In particular, the "Yes to Europe" initiative of 12th  May 2012, saw around 150 young participants keenly encouraging the citizens of Lisbon to be players in a Europe which is more alive, more united and expresses greater solidarity.

From 5th  to 12 May 2012, ten youngsters from Fatima and Lisbon put on the theatrical show "Yes to Joy and Hope". Almost 3,000 spectators were present for the final performance.

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Towards a Bridging Economy

European Summer School of the Economy of Communion

EDC Summer School- Toward a Bridging Economy Abrigada (Portugal) hosted from 10th to 15th September 2012 the First International Summer School  of the Economy of Communion Project (EC). Coming from 12 European countries, aged between19 and 32, the participants were over 80 in number: students, but also young business people just getting to grips with the company life and worker relations. The aim of the course: to  make fraternity an economic value, promoting it in academic circles, in business management  and in everyday working life, towards...a bridging economy.

icon Programme of the EC European Summer School

Let's Bridge - Hungary

United World Week 2013 in Hungary

The city in the service of fraternity

SMU in Ungheria The United World Week is the annual event of the Youth for a United World (New Humanity's youth section) to promote, at an international level,  the need for a more united world.

In 2013  Hungary was the venue for two events on the calendar of the Let's Bridge Project: on 1st   May, at “fraternity corner” in Budapest the UNESCO representative in Hungary was presented with70 activity report cards detailing the activities being undertaken in Hungary, and inspired by fraternity; three days later, around 60 youngsters came together for  a day of sport and di socializing under the flag of fraternity.

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Let's Bridge - What can I give?

Summer camp "Let's Bridge - What can I give?"

Living in complete fulfilment

Concorso lets Bridge - cosa posso dareFrom 13th  to 17th  July 2013, 180 youngsters from several Hungarian cities met up in the town  of Miskolc to give life to the summer camp entitled "What can I do?"

During the camp the youngsters discussed a number of current issues, approaching them from the point of view of fraternity. Opportunities to show their social commitment towards the host city were not lacking.

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Hungary - Giccs Party

Alternative Carnival "Giccs Party"

Don't forego quality in your personal life

Carnevale alternativoAlong the same lines as the "What can I give?" Summer Camp, the evening of 21st  February 2014 saw the staging, in Budapest, of the "Giccs Party", an alternative carnival celebration dedicated to fun, respect and dialogue. Strong was the call to not forego quality relationships in our everyday  personal lives. Nearly 200 youngsters participated.

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Let's Bridge - Belgium

Face2Faith in Europe

The youth event for"Together for 'Europe"

Face2Faith"Together for Europe" is the network of communion among 300 Christian Communities and Movements which aims to   "give Europe back its soul". Just before the big event of May 2012 in Brussels, 30 young students from several Christian movements, of different denominations, from Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and Belgium came together near Louvain (Belgium) to enliven, from 9th  to 14th  May,  the workshop "Face2Faith in Europe". As part of the Let's Bridge Project, the activity saw the participants tackle matters of faith, the media and  European citizenship. Nevertheless, opportunities to engage in sport, tourism and  tastings of the fine local beer were not lacking!

icon  Summary of "Face2Faith in Europe"

Let's Bridge - Lithuania

Run4Unity in Vilnius

Also Lithuania hosts the world relay race for unity

Run4Unity Vilnius Run4Unity is a relay race for unity which aims to involve the whole world in symbolic initiatives  characterized by dialogue and by  the participation of teenagers.

The 2012 edition in Vilnius was part of the Let's Bridge Project, involving youngsters of different ethnic origins, social backgrounds and creeds to promote  European values,  citizenship and  participation of youngsters.

A numerous group of disabled people was also in attendance. The race started off in the Independence Square and concluded in the Dome Square where there were moments for performances, dialogue and  sharing.

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Lithuania - Caffetteria 2012

Caffetteria 2012

"The secret of the moment"

Caffetteria 2012 As part of the Let's Bridge Project, the group of youngsters from the  Fokoliaru Judejimas Lietuvoje wished to organize a little concert, involving their own friends in this simple activity (entitled Caffetteria) to promote their own  ideal of a society open to dialogue and based on mutual welcome "instant after instant".

The response exceeded all expectations  and on 21st  April 2012, the Lithuanian Folk Culture Center was witness to the contributions of around fifty musicians. On the stage, performances of classical music, jazz, blues and gospel. There were also ballet numbers, drama recitals, poetry and works of painting.

Visit the "Fokoliaru Judejimas Lietuvoje"'s Website

Let's Bridge - Italy

"LegalITA'" Workshop

Leading players in our land

Cantiere Legalità "Leading players in our land" is the title of the meeting promoted by New Humanity held in Caserta (Campania) from 29th  July to 2nd  August 2013 which involved around 1,000 youngsters from all over  Italy. The event saw alternating moments of work, debate, training and opening-up to the city. There were 3 main topics: Legality and a place of welcome, legality and the environment, legality and work.
The activity is  part of the Let's Bridge Project, co-funded by the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union.

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Let's Bridge - Exchanges and Seminars

Meetings for the Leaders of the "Let's Bridge" Project

A project by the young for the young

Incontri animatori Progetto Lets BridgeOver the entire duration of the Let's Bridge Project, numerous seminars and  international exchanges were organized to train and send out into the network the youngsters who  participated actively in carrying out the various project activities.
These seminars were attended by over 500 youngsters, actively involved in the discussions, debates and workshops on the questions of social inclusion,  dialogue,  active participation and  solidarity.

youtube 48 Watch the Jan 2013 Congress video on youtube

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