Building Skills for a Better Future: access AFR.E.S.H training materials


In today’s interconnected world, building meaningful partnerships across continents is crucial for addressing global challenges. The AFR.E.S.H project, funded by the European Union, stands for “Africa and Europe Same Horizon,” aims to redefine the relationship between Europe and Africa on a new, horizontal dimension, moving away from the old vertical, colonial framework.  

Answering cross-continental challenges and aiming to prepare for this potent collaboration, AFR.E.S.H project offers training designed to provide practical, hands-on experience. Through international online exchanges, participants can share best practices, gain intercultural perspectives, and consider local implications of global challenges. The courses are flexible and accessible online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. 

Training Programs Offered by AFR.E.S.H 

📲👩🏻‍💻  Media Literacy Training for Youth Workers 

Are you a youth worker looking to facilitate more engaging and interactive online meetings and workshops? This training program equips you with the tools and best practices to make digital spaces more dynamic and participatory. Under the guidance of facilitator Rainer Gude, you’ll have the chance to practice new tools and techniques in a supportive environment. 

🔎📊  Social Impact Evaluation Workshop 

If you’re part of an NGO or association looking to enhance your program evaluation skills, this workshop is for you. Facilitated by Giuseppe Pellegrini, this interactive course teaches you how to develop effective evaluation strategies for your programs. You’ll learn to design and implement monitoring systems and analyze results to improve your organization’s impact. 

The AFR.E.S.H project is more than just a series of training programs; it’s a movement to empower young leaders and foster transnational cooperation. By participating in these programs, you can gain the skills needed to navigate and address the complex challenges facing our world. Join us in redefining the horizon between Africa and Europe—together, we can build a better future.