GREEN CARE, 25-29-10-2023, Brussels-Rotselaar


Citizens of Europe in dialogue Building visions Sharing responsibilities

Join us for our Green Care Event taking place from 25th-29th October !

We aim to formulate tangible proposals for the EU, focusing on several environmental aspects.

The event will include a diverse range of creative workshops and activities.

Participants, aged 16 to 99, will have the opportunity to voice their findings and experiences on environmental themes such as:

  • Imagining sustainable cities for the future
  • Healthy planet, healthy people
  • Reducing our ecological footprint
  • Concrete actions to save the planet

We will bring together participants from all over Europe. Through dialogues and interactions, they will collaboratively explorepathways towards a more sustainable future. Your input is invaluable as well, as it contributes to shaping the meaningfuldiscussions required to transform these proposals into a collective voice representing citizens throughout Europe.