New Humanity offers a reflection on freedom and economy at the UN Commission for Social Development

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19 February, 2019, New York

The good of each human person is a precondition for the good of everyone

The 57th session of the Commission for Social Development (11-21 February, 2019) was the opportunity for the international NGO New Humanity to present some good practices and experiences carried out by the members of the Focolare Movement on the theme of economic and social freedom.


The Golden Rule. Joe Klock, head representative of the NGO in New York, presented the Economy of Communion project, where more than 800 companies worldwide are committed to putting into practice the Golden Rule contained in the Gospel and in many others sacred and philosophical texts: “Do to others what you would like done to you”

Recommendation. In his speech, Joe Klock pointed out how New Humanity recommends that the UN Commission on Social Development apply the Golden Rule in a conscious manner in all its deliberations.

“The good of each human person is a precondition for the good of everyone”. After sharing a reflection on the topic by the late Igino Giordani, a member of the Italian Parliament and member of the Focolare Movement, the New Humanity representative concluded with these words: “Freedom from poverty is both an individual good and a social good. The Golden Rule gives clear guidance for individuals, institutions, and nations to achieve economic freedom and every freedom.”

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