Middle East Earthquake Emergency


     At 03:39 in the morning of 6 February 2023, a violent earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck Syria and Turkey, causing many thousands of dead, wounded, and missing, and countless collapses of houses and infrastructures. 

It will take time to get accurate estimates. Hospitals in the affected areas are overloaded. The operations of the first aid are complex and the intense cold makes the situation extremely difficult for rescuers and displaced persons, while there are repeated and intense tremors. In this first phase of the emergency, everything is needed, starting with health care and food.


The Emergency Coordination of the Focolare Movement has started extraordinary fundraising through Action for a United World (AMU) and Action for New Families (AFN). The donations will be managed jointly by AMU and AFN to reach the people affected by the earthquake with basic aid for food, medical care, housing, heating, and hospitality in different cities of the two countries: in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Latakia, Hama and in the Turkish region of Iskenderun. With the collaboration of local Churches.

The donations, collected through the NGOs AMU and AFN, will be used to provide with basic necessities the people of Turkey and Syria affected by the strong earthquake on 6 February 2023, also in collaboration with the local Churches.

You can donate online at:

AMU: www.amu-it.eu/dona-online-3/

AFN: www.afnonlus.org/dona/

or by bank transfer to the following accounts:

Action for a United World ONLUS (AMU)

IBAN: IT 58 S 05018 03200 000011204344 at Banca Popolare Etica


Action for New Families ONLUS (AFN)

IBAN: IT 92 J 05018 03200 000016978561 at Banca Popolare Etica


Reason for payment: Middle East Earthquake Emergency

Tax benefits are available for such donations in many EU countries and in other countries around the world, according to different local regulations.

Italian taxpayers will be able to obtain deductions and deductions from their income, according to the regulations for non-profit organizations.


❗ A press release was also published in which the Politics for Unity Movement (MPPU), our political department and therefore an expression of the Focolare Movement, calls for a suspension to the financial embargo in Syria.

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Earthquake: “Financial embargo suspension to Syria for humanitarian organizations”

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