Jorge Dias Ferreira assumes presidency of the International Forum of Catholic-inspired Organizations


Main representative of the New Humanity NGO at the United Nations in Geneva since 2006, Jorge Dias Ferreira has been appointed as the new president of the Forum of Catholic-Inspired Organizations on November 13th, 2023, in Rome. 

Upon accepting his new role, Dias brings a wealth of experience in international diplomacy and a strong commitment to the values of the Catholic Church. “I accept this challenge as a service to the Church, to its members, in order to enhance our NGOs, arousing everyone’s unity with deep respect for everyone’s diversity,” he stated. His leadership envisions to strengthen the organization’s impact on global issues and enhance the Catholic Church’s presence in international affairs. 

The Forum, established in November 2007, comprises over 120 Catholic-inspired Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with consultative status before intergovernmental institutions. It was conceived as a space for dialogue and collaboration among Catholic NGOs to address global issues, offer a strengthened Christian witness and contribute to the common good of humanity. 

Dias was then introduced to Cardinal Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State. During their encounter, Dias presided over a delegation that discussed the Forum’s work, its collaborations with international bodies and outlined thematic priorities for the coming years. The meeting emphasized the crucial role of the Forum in addressing pressing global issues such as peace, climate change, gender, family, artificial intelligence, health, migrations, and the right to life. 

Navigating the role: catholic NGO representatives at the UN


The International Forum of Catholic NGOs has evolved significantly since its inception in 2007. Since then, the Forum has now grown to include organizations actively participating in global dialogues. Beyond providing a platform for dialogue and exchange, the Forum plays a vital role at the United Nations. Catholic NGO representatives have worked collaboratively to create and present joint statements, written contributions, and oral statements at the UN. 

This collaborative effort extends beyond the global stage, with Catholic NGO representatives forming a supportive network. By signing documents jointly, these NGOs amplify their impact on issues debated at the UN. The internal Forum, organizing general assemblies every three years, ensures a robust relationship with the Holy See and sustains the momentum of Catholic NGOs within the UN framework. These representatives address critical global issues and contribute to the formation of a more just and compassionate world through their collaboration and advocacy efforts. 


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