Let’s Bridge – Exchanges and Seminars

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Meetings for the Leaders of the “Let’s Bridge” Project

A project by the young for the young

Over the entire duration of the Let’s Bridge Project, numerous seminars and  international exchanges were organized to train and send out into the network the youngsters who  participated actively in carrying out the various project activities.
These seminars were attended by over 500 youngsters, actively involved in the discussions, debates and workshops on the questions of social inclusion,  dialogue,  active participation and  solidarity.

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Face2Faith in Europe

The youth event for”Together for ‘Europe”

Face2FaithTogether for Europe” is the network of communion among 300 Christian Communities and Movements which aims to   “give Europe back its soul”. Just before the big event of May 2012 in Brussels, 30 young students from several Christian movements, of different denominations, from Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Hungary and Belgium came together near Louvain (Belgium) to enliven, from 9th  to 14th  May,  the workshopFace2Faith in Europe“. As part of the Let’s Bridge Project, the activity saw the participants tackle matters of faith, the media and  European citizenship. Nevertheless, opportunities to engage in sport, tourism and  tastings of the fine local beer were not lacking!

  Summary of “Face2Faith in Europe”


European Summer School of the Economy of Communion

“Towards a Bridging Economy”

EDC Summer School- Toward a Bridging Economy Abrigada (Portugal) hosted from 10th to 15th September 2012 the First International Summer School  of the Economy of Communion Project (EC). Coming from 12 European countries, aged between19 and 32, the participants were over 80 in number: students, but also young business people just getting to grips with the company life and worker relations. The aim of the course: to  make fraternity an economic value, promoting it in academic circles, in business management  and in everyday working life, towards…a bridging economy.

icon Programme of the EC European Summer School


Learning Fraternity

International Meeting of Education

learning fraternity banner 1Learning Fraternity is the conference-workshop on Education held at Castel Gandolfo (Roma) from 6th  to 8th  September 2013 as part of the Let’s Bridge Project. Organized by New Humanity and a number of associated organizations, it brought together in a network several educational agencies dealing with issues regarding young people and children.

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