Living Peace: The Third Edition of the Project of Peace Education of New Humanity is Now Beginning


Living Peace is the path of Peace Education of New Humanity and El Rowad American College (Egypt). It involves children and teens from 5 to 18 years old, with the primary purpose to cooperate together to construct  a “network” of peace in the world.
Dead line for inscribing your class, community, family, institution, or association is November 15, 2014 (on the official website of the Project).

General Presentation of the Project
 A booklet for Peace Education

The Living Peace project is beginning together with the start of the School year 2014-2015. The first edition of the Project started already three years ago and actually the goal is to overcame the number of more than 50,000 children, teens and adults from 103 countries around the world of the last edition.

In the previous editions, the project was recognised of having lead to positive changes in different environments, and in the relationships between all as well as,  an appreciable improvement in learning.
The project is organised by New Humanity with a number of organizations and associated (Umanità Nuova Movement, AMU, Teens4unity, Youth for a United World) and in partnership with El Rowad American College (Cairo-Egypt).

Living Peace 2There is a  Booklet for Peace Education which descibes the three pillars of this project: the practice of the “Dice of Peace” (it consits in the daily living of one of the sentences written on the six faces of a “special” dice); “Time out for Peace“: the stop of any activity at 12 am for a minute of silence and reflection about peace; the realization of various significant and innovative activities of construction and spread of peace.

Finally, there will be a “Student’s World Peace Forum” (SWPF) in Cairo from 4 to 6 May 2015. Students (16-22) representing many national and international schools and universities, together with some universities in Cairo, will meet to test if the common commitment to peace and exchange in the three-day congress, testimonials, best practices, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and artistic moments.
On this occasion, the Project Living Peace will be presented in the materials, testimonials and messages received by participants (dead line February 15, 2015) from all around the world.