New Humanity discusses developments and future prospects with other international Catholic-inspired NGOs (CINGO) in Rome


11-13 December 2017, Rome

3rd Forum of Catholic-Inspired NGOs (CINGO)

The New Humanity main representatives took part in an important event that had the presence of representatives from over 100 NGOs, Apostolic Nuncios at different international organizations, as well as other civil and religious authorities. On December 13, a small representation also had the opportunity to meet Pope Francis in person. Dr. Jorge D. Ferreira, the New Humanity main representative in Geneva, was among that group.

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The audience with the Pope. During the meeting with the Holy Father, Dr. Ferreira had the chance to briefly present the work done by the Forum of Catholic-Inspired NGOs (CINGO), which he coordinates at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.
Pope Francis expressed strong interest and appreciation for the work and contribution of the many NGOs from all over the work; he also stressed the importance of keeping an open attitude toward the others, while privileging the outskirts of existence.

The Forum. On the previous days, the conference included workshops and discussion sessions, as well as meetings that helped increase dialogue and sharing among all the participants. Particular focus was given to topics that are key to New Humanity’s work, like the need to increase fraternity and unity, while respecting diversity.

New Humanity’s contribution. During the Forum, Dr. Ferreira presented the socio-political context, challenges and way of operating of the Catholic-Inspired NGOs in Geneva. Mr. Marco Desalvo, New Humanity President, and Dr. Chantal Grevin, main representative at UNESCO, were also present.

The speakers. Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State at the Vatican, Mons. P. Gallagher and professors Dembinski, Stefano Zamagni, Helen Alvare, Norgerto Ignacio Liwski and Maria Salas Porras were among the many speakers who gave a very valuable contribution to the event.

The new Secretariat-General. The Forum was also the opportunity to inaugurate the Catholic-Inspired NGO secretariat-general, which is set to start operating at the Vatican in January 2018.