New Humanity’s Contribution on Ethics, Solidarity and Rights for Climate Justice


7 December 2017, UNESCO

8th International Forum of NGOs partners of UNESCO

On December 7 and 8, the 8th international forum of the NGOs partners of UNESCO took place in Paris. The title – “Changing Minds, rather than the Climate”, was a clear reference to the role that NGOs can play on the climate change issue.

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The Forum was opened by Mrs Audrey Azouley, the new Director-General of UNESCO, which was a strong indication of her interest in the collaboration with the NGOs.

Yves Froissart, a member of New Humanity and an environmental engineer, took part in the first panel discussion about “Ethics, Solidarity and Rights for Climate Justice”.

His presentation on “Responsibility and role of local players – that is each of us – in the fight against climate change” was well received by the audience, who was taking notes during the speech. Using a plain language and giving concrete examples, Yves challenged the audience to action and responsibility, as he emphasized the importance of diversity and subsidiarity, practiced by players belonging to different cultures and spiritualities.

The panel moderator, in her closing words, underlined the importance of the word spirituality, mentioned by Yves.