New United World Project Campaign: #daretocare Pathway


Pathway 2020, entitled #daretocare, was launched live on United World Project‘s on YouTube channel on 20 June, 2020.

After the spectacular conclusion of #InTimeForPeace at the United World Week in May, the moment has arrived to focus on the new theme for “Pathway for a United World” campaign.

Pathway 2020/2021, #daretocare, will hold at its core active citizenship and politics for unity.

This pathway’s slogan and hashtag is #daretocare… taking care, being interested, being actively engaged and giving importance. However, give importance to what? To all that is happening in the world and around us.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the events that followed it on a global level, showed us more than ever how crucial and urgent it is to take care of our surroundings: of the planet, of society, of minorities and institutions. These topics were also addressed by Pope Francis in the Laudato Si’ encyclical (“on care for our common home”) – for which he has also promoted a special year of reflection now (24 May 2020 – 24 May 2021), thus bringing everyone’s attention to the broad horizon of the theme of care, which involves people and nations to the point of embracing the entirety of creation.

Chiara Lubich, described the vocation in politics to be “the love of loves”. The concept of “taking care” can express very efficiently this type of social love, which directly involves political action and the exercise of citizenship. Politics and citizenship are such areas that in some way involve all aspects of life, and therefore depend on each of us being responsible for our own “square meter”.

The proposal for Pathways 2020/2021 is simple: putting “care” at the centre of politics and of our lives as citizens.

The launch of #daretocare witnessed the contribution of people from various parts of the world, who, by taking care of others, have walked the most original and creative ways to continuously share and sow lived fraternity. The program also included insights with experts and music to comprehend the importance / scope of the #daretocare Pathway 2020/2021.

Here you can watch the live broadcast of the #daretocare pathway launch:

#daretocare pathway will conclude during the United World Week 2021. Its main international event will be held in Brussels, in May 2021.