NY: Good Practices of New Humanity about the Indigenous Women as Protagonists of their Development


61st Session of the Commission of the Status of Women

16 October 2016, New York

New Humanity contributed to the latest session ot the UN Commission of the Status of Women.
It collected into a writte statement various experiences from indigenous women and how they promoted the economic development of their communities.
The experiences by four different communities of indigenous women has been presented.

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The first good practice to be presented by this document is the one from Santa Maria (Argentina) and “Tinku Kamayo” (“Gathered for Work”), their project based on a cooperative by indigenous women.
It has been presented also the Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Project by the women of Catamarca (again, in Argentina).
The experience from the women of Kiribati and their engagement in order to face the climate change is another experience which has been presented.
Finally, the “Cafè con Leche” programme, aimed to take care of the poorest children of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) has been included on the document as well.

However, there are much more good practices on this topic They come from the six principle for peace emphasized by New Humanity of the Focolare Movement. They are: 1) Be the first to reach out to others; 2) Treat each person with respect; 3) Share each other’s joys and sorrows; 4) Discover the good in others; 5) Treat others as you want to be treated; 6) Forgive those who hurt you.