Paris: N.H. and the UNESCO’s NGO Partners, Presents their Declaration Against Climate Change at the “NGOs Day” of the COP21


Mrs Chantal Grevin – the main representative of New Humanity in Paris – attended the “NGOs Day”, the last 8th of December. The event has been organised at the “UNESCO’s corner” during the International Conference about Climate Changes COP 21.
It has been the occasion to deeply present the Declaration Against Climate Change prepared by the UNESCO’s NGO Partners – with New Humanity included – for this special event during an Action Day organised the last 6th of October.

NGOs Declaration Against Climate Change

The “UNESCO’s corner” is set at the “Espace générations Climat”. It is a large expository area dedicated to organisations, enterprises, municipalities and regions which actively participate into the COP 21.
The “NGOs Day” has been chaired by Mrs Martine Lévy, President of the NGOs-UNESCO Liaison Committee.

As it was noticed by Mrs Grevin at the end of this event, “all the intervener underlined the urgency of a common intervention in order to limit the Climate Change.” The NGOs Declaration Against Climate Change proposed many actions in order to achieve this goal.

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