Paris: New Humanity at the Conference of NGOs in partnership with UNESCO 2016

conference ong unesco decembre 2016 modified

International Conference of NGOs in partnership with UNESCO 2016

12 -14 December 2016, Paris

Representatives from more than 100 NGOs in partnership with UNESCO participated in the  conference. Its theme, “The challenge of of the digital revolution for NGOs”, is as rich as it is complex.  This theme was examined in great detailin several sessions and round table discussions of notable depth. Our fundamental responsibility as human beings was reaffirmed, as much individually as communally, against artificial intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence has already demonstrated, in fact, to be capable of making some choices independently from human will, moving towards transhumanism.

Some scientists, in response to this challenge, are speaking out in the strongest ethical terms  in order to reaffirm the primacy of the human being.  For this reason, several “best practices” that were made possible thanks to the digital revolution were underscored, such as: access to a wide range of information and knowledge, the struggle against poverty and isolation, and the solution of public health problems (for example, the role that cell phones played in Africa in fighting the Ebola epidemic, and the struggle against counterfeit medicines that exists even to this day).

UNESCO ONG meeting 2016 2 modifiedThanks to the work carried out for many years by its representation in Paris, New Humanity is taking on a primary role together with other NGOs in a few key subject areas for UNESCO; in particular, education for peace and for world citizenship.  As an expert in statistics, Professor Giovanni Allegri joined three representatives of New Humanity at UNESCO at this conference, giving an important academic contribution to the discussion.

Furthermore, Dr. Chantal Grevin, the principal representative of New Humanity in Paris, animated the commission that was charged to express the conclusions of the entire conference.  These conclusions will orient the partnership between UNESCO and NGOs for the next two years.  Several colleagues have appreciated Chantal’s ability to give space to everyone, as well as having a good ability to express what is required – as a result of the needed amendments–= the following lines:

UNESCO ONG meeting 2016 3 modified“The NGOs are called to consolidate their role in putting into action Agenda 2030 for sustainable development.  Morover, the “culture  of peace”, “climate change”, “education of migrants”, but also “science and education” and “an inclusive urbanization” come to light.”

“These conclusions underline forcefully, and in a renewed manner the space that the NGOs intend to give to the youth, associating then mostly in the reflections and in the actions that will have taken place in the following years.”
Marie Annick Benoit (translated by Pierre B.)