Paris: New Humanity Participated into the NGO Action Day on Climate Change, Preparing the COP21


NGO Action Day on Climate Change

The NGO Action day on Climate Change took place on the 6th of October 2015. This event involved around 40 NGOs in official relations with the UNESCO and also New Humanity offered an important contribution.

Mrs Chantal Grevin – the main Representative of New Humanity in Paris – actively intervened especially during the collective development of a common declaration on climate change to be presented the next month of December in Paris, in occasion of the annual Conference of Parties (COP21), centered on climate change.

As it has been declared by Mrs Grevin at the end of the Action Day, “it was a fruitful collective work and we were successful into draft a final common declaration which will gave undoubtedly an important contribution during the next COP21.”

During the event intervened important personalities, such as Mrs Martine Levy, president of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee and Mr Peter Dogse, Co-Chair UNESCO Task Force on COP21 and Climate Change.

20151006 climate change action day paris groupMoreover, the event involved 70 representatives of around 40 NGOs from 26 countries holding official relations with the UNESCO. Eachone of them contributed to map, share and raise awareness about each organization’s actions on climate change.

The final common declaration shall be published on the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee website in November.