“Sign Up for Peace”: Let’s Join the Campain for Peace and Dialogue Promoted by the Youth Section of New Humanity


#SignUP for Peace

#SignUP for Peace is the title for the Campain for Peace promoted by the Youth for a United World – the Youth Section of New Humanity.

It is based on 5 main requests:

  1. To reduce the production of armaments (weapons) using public funds;
  2. To get to the roots of inequality to combat extreme poverty;
  3. To review the current models of governance;
  4. To adopt a model of organized lawfulness in opposition to criminal phenomena like drug dealing, human trafficking and the illegal exploitation of the environment;
  5. To guarantee a level of universal primary education in order to allow the full development of human persons and their capacity for self-determination.



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#SignUp for Peace – Video Spot

#SignUp for peace

Many conflicts throughout the world cause people to migrate, fleeing from violence, extreme poverty, hunger and social injustice. These deep wounds directly involve the Youth for a United World and have led them to seek their own practical solutions through “Fragments of Fraternity” (concrete actions for peace) gathered in the “United World Project”.

The #SignUpforPeace Campain wish to value the Youth for a United World local engagement for peace, by presenting this wish of fraternity to the higher spheres.
The petition wish to reinforce and to realize the content of the Youth for a United World’s appeal for peace. It is addressed to national and international institutions, associations, personalities and ordinary people and New Humanity will contribute into presenting to them in various national and international events.

Since the 20th of October, it will be alsopossible to share the appeal through Thunderclaps.