The debate on the promotion of a Declaration on International Solidarity continues


9 June 2017, Palace of the United Nations, Rom IX, Geneva

Event “Right to International Solidarity: Meeting with the independent expert on the revised draft of the Declaration”

Meeting with the UN expert, Dr. Virginia Dandan, to review the draft of a Declaration on the Right to International Solidarity.

Dr. Ferreira, New Humanity representative in Geneva, was the moderator of the event co-sponsored by New Humanity and other organizations, members of the Forum of Catholic Inspired NGOs in Geneva (CINGO), as well as by the Permanent Mission of the Holy See in Geneva.

The event also gave Dr. Dandan the opportunity to announce her departure, since the end of her term at the United Nations is approaching.
In her presentation, she underlined in a particular way how international solidarity is based on the norms of international right and on the values of universal fraternity, of dignity and value of the human person, who is a member of the human family we all are part of.

She then went over some articles of the Declaration and in particular over Art. 1, which was drafted with the very significant contribution from New Humanity. It defines International Solidarity as “the expression of a spirit of unity among individuals, groups, nations and international organizations, comprising the union of interests, intents and actions, and the recognition of different needs and rights in order to reach common objectives.”
She concluded by encouraging everyone present to continue the collaboration, without being afraid to embark together in new initiatives.

Remarks were offered also by Dr. Alfred-Maurice Zayas, independent expert at the UN for the promotion of a fair and democratic international order, and Dr. Maria Merceds Rossi from the Pope John XXIII Association and spokesperson of the CINGO Forum for the Workgroup on international solidarity.
The event gave ample space to dialogue with the audience.

Mons. Ivan Jurkovic, Apostolic Nuncio at the Permanent Observatory of the Holy See at the UN in Geneva, gave the opening and closing addresses, in His role as event host.