Human rights

diritti umani

New Humanity’s mission is to contribute to achieving unity of the human family in full respect of the identity of each of its members. It supports the value and dignity of each person and the inalienability of his or her universal rights – political, civil, social and cultural rights – especially for the most vulnerable people (children, women, migrants, refugees, the disabled, etc.).

The commitment to spread the spirit of universal brotherhood and the idea of the united world is realized through forums, advocacy and workshops, local, national or international, activating people and institutions to universal fraternity through:

  • Right to education
  • Human rights and international solidarity, the right to development
  • Right to freedom of conscience and the right to religious freedom
  • Right to life, to family, and children’s rights
  • Human rights in the digital society



Right to Development –
Human Rights and International Solidarity –
Right to Education –