Breaking Rays

Using an innovative approach Breaking Rays Project is aimed at promoting hands-on activities designed to help the young participants to develop professional skills in reporting and news communication. It also has a civil goal to promote the needs of local communities giving space and value to the citizens’ participation.

The project is implemented through three branches of training and mobility in Italy, Brazil and the Philippines which complement one another in order to prepare various professional figures in video- and short film making.

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The name of the project, Breaking Rays is in fact a game of words reminding of the journalism term “breaking news” – a sensational piece of news from the last hour. It stresses how much the project is aimed at promoting a positive and constructive social commitment of the promoting organizations by being involved in an international platform which can amplify the impact of such actions and encourage their replication by other communities. Adopting the so-called “glocal” approach, the task is to overcome the feeling of isolation and not being heard by the centres of power which many local contexts suffer from and to improve the ability of the local reporters to tell their stories.


Key words: Youth, Reporters, Audio-Video, Good News

Planned activities

  • The project includes 3 mobility activities:
  • June 29 – July 7, 2017: 9 days of training in Castel Gandolfo (Italy) for 22 young people (2 per Association) who are going to learn how to shoot documentaries on social issues and to tell stories (production goals and techniques).
  • February 3-10, 2018: 8 days on training at Mariapoli Ginetta Centre in Brazil focused on social communication, including field trips to various NGOs involved in promoting fraternity, with a chance to take interviews and collect news on site. This project will also include 22 participants.
  • June 27 – July 4, 2018: 8 days of training in the Philippines, focused on the communication management of an event preceding GenFest broadcast in live streaming, 50 participants scheduled: 40 youngsters and 10 adults.

Once the training is over, each local partner has also the task to produce at least 3 audio and video news items related to their relevant experience.

It also includes producing audio and video materials related to GenFest which is taken as an opportunity to highlight a lot of good practices linked to the implementation of the principle of fraternity which the local partners are going to collect and present on the occasion of the event.

And finally, it includes the development of a web platform which puts together and highlights these good practices and the creation of a dedicated mobile application for cell phones and tablets. The platform and the application are going to be eventually managed by New Humanity.

Project Partners

New Humanity International Association, Italy, lead institution
CSC Audiovisivi Soc. Coop. arl (Italy),
Starkmacher (Germany),
Opus Mariae (Kenya),
Focolare Ireland (Ireland),
UJ Varos (Hungary),
Pag-asa (The Philippines),
Civitas (Brazil),
Focolare Society Bombay (India),
YayasanDuniaBersatu (Indonesia)


Video summary for Phase 1:


Video summary for Phase 2:


Video summary for Phase 3: