«Heart» =  Empathy / Solidarity +

«Arts» =  Creativity/ Talents +

«Harmony» =  Personal / Collective Well-being


Project objectives

  • Reinforce young people capacities to deliver Arts workshops for young refugees
  • Raise young people awareness about the international dimension of migration flows
  • Reinforce networking and international cooperation among partner organizations


Project Key Pints


APPROACH : not just humanitarian aids, but emersion of talents, promotion of well –being and social inclusion of migrants/refugees

PANDEMIC: young people and refugees have been particularly hit by it, for the limitation of interpersonal relations and educational opportunities, with psychological consequences ….now they will become main project’s target groups as trainers and beneficiaries

CAPACITY BUILDING: young people will increase their employability developing skills both in the cultural, artistic and social field (contribute to professional orientation)

GLOBAL CHALLENGE OF MIGRATION FLOWS: Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Bosnia and Egypt have been differently affected , a) as countries of short transit , long-term staying  or destination b) by different nationalities such as Sub-Saharian and Northern Africa, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and now unfortunately also Ukraine

For further information: projects@new-humanity.org

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