The NGO Committee on Migration (CoM) has published the report entitled “Concrete Policies, Practices, and Partnerships to Promote Implementation of the Global Compacts for Migrants and Refugees”. The Host-Spot Project by New Humanity is cited as one of the practices to support the migrants and the refugees in vulnerable situations.

8 other projects by New Humanity were also taken into consideration.

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40 Good Practices and Policies. “We believe,” the report says, “the time is ripe to circulate a compendium of good policies and practices that relate directly to Compact goals and that Member States, Civil Society and other actors have already implemented with shared interest, effort and commitment.”

The Host Spot Project is represented as an international initiative funded by the European Commission, run between 2016 and 2017 and able to “spread a culture of understanding and promote human rights” involving “youths from 9 countries who volunteered at welcoming centres in Jordan” and letting them experience “face-to-face encounters with refugees and what they experienced each day.”

Goal #17. The report also outlined how the documentaries telling the migrants’ stories produced by the youths involved in the project, helped to further spread stories and ups and downs of the refugees at the European and international level. It contributed to “eliminate all forms of discrimination and promote evidence-based public discourse to shape perceptions of migration,” as provided by Goal #17 of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM).

Contribution to achieving the SDGs. The report also illustrates how the Host-Spot Project makes a direct input into achieving SDG #16 (Sustainable Development Goals) and also refers to par. 8 of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants and par. 84 of the Global Compact for Refugees.

Other projects presented by New Humanity and not included in the final version of the Report are “Come Back to Africa, Together for a New Africa” (Africa, 2018-2021), Interfaith Welcome Coalition (San Antonio, USA, 2014 – still going on), Sewing Peace (Syria, 2012), Creating a System – Beyond the Initial Welcome (Italy, 2016), The Village of Joy (Seoul, South Korea, 2003-2016), AMAF (Fribourg, Switzerland, 2002 – still going on), Maison Notre Dame (Lebanon, 2005 – still going on), “Missione Famiglia” Social Cooperative (Italy, 2018).