JASMIN PROJECT – Joint Actions to Strengthen a Mediterranean International Network

The proposal is the result of previous projects carried out by partners and the work of a joint commission for peace in Mena region, whom partners are members, that elaborated an educational strategy to reinforce youth leadership skills needed nowadays to favor the international relations and mutual growth of the countries in both sides of Mediterranean .

Through the contribution of young people members of partner organizations, the following needs emerged:

  • lack of awareness about the complex geo political context of MENA region , that includes: the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya ; the “Silk Road” promoted by China; refugees crisis and migration flows; terrorism; demographic trends.
  • lack of capacity to implement non formal activities in the field of intercultural and inter-religious dialogue
  • limited knowledge about Holy books, principle and values among Christian and Muslims
  • presence of mutual stereotypes between young people from EU and Mena region (post-colonialism, limited knowledge of refugees situation on the ground, radicalization trends for Muslims)
  • limited ability to contrast fake news, disinformation and hate speech through positive social media campaigns and communication strategies
  • lack of awareness about the opportunities for youth offered by EU and its neighbor policies
  • limited capacity for young participants to networking at regional and international level for joint initiatives
  • lack of motivation, due to a limited knowledge of best practices in the field of civic commitment made by their peers and absence of a long-term strategy

According to these needs, the program for the youth exchange has been prepared identifying for each aspect a specific activity that will contribute to provide deeper awareness and knowledge


  • equip young people with skills about intercultural and inter-religious di
  • alogue foster their civic participation attitude
  • develop the ability of partners NGO to reinforce transnational cooperation develop awareness about geopolitical situation of the Mediterranean
  • indicate and provide know –how for specific opportunities/programs to sus
    tain youth engagement


International Youth Exchange in a partner country (Jordan) that will be integrated by a pre-departure session and a follow up strategy.


25 participants of 5 countries (Italy, France, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan): 5 group leaders and 20 young people aged 18-30 that:

  • have shown interest to geopolitical and intercultural issues;
  • who want to develop their leadership attitudes to contribute to social change;
  • who have already organized/promoted/cooperated in the implementation of intercultural activities or events aiming to sensitize public opinion to global issues;
  • who have shown will to ensure cooperation in the dissemination and follow up phase;
  • who own a knowledge of English (b2 level) as a pre-condition;

Selection process will be careful to ensure gender balance and inclusion of people with fewer opportunities, especially those facing cultural, geographical and economic barriers.


Expected impact on young participants will consist of learning and attitude results:

    • Learning
    • An increased knowledge about the geopolitical situation of the Mediterranean and its main challenges
    • Development of skills like multi-perspective thinking and networking
    • Capacity to recognize, understand and balance national and international interests Ability to set communication strategies to promote intercultural dialogue
    • A deeper knowledge about the historical and cultural background of countries involved and their social contexts , especially about youth and refugees
    • An acquired knowledge of non formal methods about inter-religious dialogue to be replicated through local workshops
    • Awareness about EU policies and programs in the field of youth
    • Attitude/Behavior
    • An increased respect for otherness, inner-readiness, openness and curiosity, empathy and solidarity, especially towards people with different religious background

A reinforced ability to understand how stereotypes function and the ability to confront prejudices/discriminations

  • An increased motivation to commit at social and political level, through the introduction of best practices carried out by their peers


  • An increased capacity to develop transnational activities in the field of youth.
  • Developed skills about management of multi-cultural and multi religious teams.
  • An increased knowledge about best practices and their possible replication/scale up.
  • A higher quality definition of training modules to be transferred to their own staff.
  • A collection of non-formal methods to be used for workshop/events oriented to youth.
  • They will update their educational offer and extend their target groups.


  • Local level:
    • Young participants will transfer the acquired knowledge to their peers members of different groups (schoolmates, sport clubs, associations, parishes) through the delivering of non formal workshops about inter-religious dialogue, migrations, geopolitics of EU/Mena region
    • Partner organizations will be capable to easily involved communities and young people belonging to other religions in their activities
  • National level:

Since all partners own a national dimension and local branches , the project int

ends to transfer the knowledge in several areas of partner countries, multiplying its impact and adapting methods todifferent contexts

  • Regional level:

An increased capacity for partners coming from MENA Countries to coordinate their actions, since they often are more prone to cooperate with European NGOs and institutions rather than among themselves

  • International level:

Since New Humanity owns the General Consultative Status at UN, project outcom

es will be reported during specific session within UN headquarters in Geneva, New York and Paris dedicated to youth education, peace-building, inter-religious dialogue; this will offer visibility and recognition to all partners


  • Associazione Internazionale New Humanity (Applicant) – Italy
  • Dar-es-salam – Algeria
  • United World for Social Services – Egypt
  • Association Focolari France – France
  • Caritas Jordan – Jordan


To know more about the project:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/JasminProject

video spot on youtube: https://youtu.be/vsmiFX8XAGo

Link to final report: