Target group: The project is aimed at teenagers from the numerous European countries and from all corners of the world.

Goals: The project’s main goal is to help the teenagers develop civic-mindedness, consideration for the others and the concrete commitment to building a better society through the “golden rule” – the motto “do unto others what you would have others do unto you” contained in the principal philosophies and holy texts across the world.

Making this rule their watchword, the youngsters participating in the project learn how much the building of more beautiful and “colourful” cities and societies depends on the commitment of each individual contributing in order to make them more fraternal and to enhance solidarity.

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Project Summary: The project is a container for numerous activities promoted by the young participants in Europe and all around the world:

Schoolmates: supports the young of the most disadvantaged countries through twinning between school classes from the North and South of the world. This solidarity and interculturality workshop is based on the many activities promoted by the young people from the Western countries to raise funds for their remote “classmates” and to set up a solidarity fund which manages and allocates the aid to schools in the South of the world.

Run4 Unity: an international relay race around the world which biennially symbolically unites the global population with sporting, solidarity and social events held in a large number of places all over the planet. The last edition held in 2012 witnessed amongst other things a number of young people involved in “Together for Europe”, a huge meeting of Christian movements from all over Europe which took place in Brussels. But overall there were more than 100 nations from around the world which, passing from one time zone to the next, handed on the symbolic relay baton.

Sport4Peace: A die with six rules for “ideal sports” written on it promoting a new culture of sports and peace based on self-respect and love and mutual respect and love for team mates, rivals and the referee.