“M.E.D.I.T.erraNEW: Mediation, Emotions, Dialogue, Interculturality,

Talents to foster youth social inclusion in the Mare Nostrum”

Erasmus Plus – Youth – cooperation partnership


The project stems from the desire to establish a pedagogical laboratory for peace and dialogue in the area of the Mediterranean Sea that unites Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The goal is to renew and enhance the educational offerings for young people with migration experience.

To this end, it aims to foster the growth of expertise of organizations and educators working with youth in Conflict Mediation, Global Citizenship Education, Dialogue, Interculturality and Talent Enhancement programs.

The project also aims to foster the sustainability of partner organizations by enhancing their capacities in planning, communication, advocacy, and mentoring towards youth in the 13-17 age group.

The results of the project will be systematized an interdisciplinary toolkit to support the design and implementation of active citizenship education and intercultural dialogue interventions that will be disseminated in Europe and Mediterranean countries to facilitate replication and adaptation to different local contexts and reach an increasing number of young people.


The vision guiding the partners is a shared understanding of the importance of education and training in building a united world; the realization that art, for example, is a language capable of overcoming barriers due to linguistic and cultural diversity; and that experiences such as volunteering are an opportunity for social inclusion and the development of skills that are fundamental for active citizenship to democratic society, intercultural compression and the development of relational skills that are also useful for job placement.


The direct beneficiaries of the project are educators, trainers and project managers from partner organizations. Exchange activities will involve 18 educators and training activities will include 180 staff members.

Indirect beneficiaries, will be young people with migration experience in the age group 13-17, who will be able to strengthen their active participation in democratic life thanks to high quality global citizenship education, conflict mediation, Interculturality, dialogue and talent enhancement pathways, developed with an interdisciplinary approach, adapted to the digital world and adaptable to different local contexts.


The activities will involve the internal staff of the organizations and include:

3 pedagogical exchange visits to Florence – Loppiano, Rome and Beirut, where the organizations will have the opportunity to share through workshops and field shadowing, good pedagogical practices such as the Up2Me project, I am I will be, CRESCENDO, Living Peace, 6×1;

– Drafting of an interdisicplinary toolkit to support the design and implementation of pedagogical interventions;

– 6 online training sessions for internal capacity building on: methodologies for social impact assessment, Design and advocacy, International volunteering experiences, Institutional communication, Global challenge to migration, Inclusive digital tools;

– Dissemination and sharing of results at local, European and international levels, involving policy makers, youth, families and civil society.


The results will have an impact in terms of:

  • Creation of a thematic network on the education of youth with migration experience
  • Skills of educators in activating more inclusive, multidisciplinary and digitally adapted educational pathways
  • Exchange of best practices that will enable replication of successful interventions by adapting them to the local and cultural context
  • Availability and usability of multidisciplinary and multimedia pedagogical materials, available in 5 languages: Arabic, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Croatian. These materials will be produced for specific interventions with youth with migration experience
  • Capacity of partners to design initiatives with greater social impact
  • Initiation of international civil service in at least 4 partner organizations


The project is co-financed by the Erasmus Plus Program – Cooperation Partnerships in the field of Youth KA2020 – year 2023. Project 2023-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000165642


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