The project

In accordance with the goals of Agenda 2063 of the African Union, the project is aimed at strengthening the civil society and the African policy promoting and strengthening the participation and representation of the youth in regional institutional contests. This is done in respect and favor of the implementation both of the goals of Agenda 2030 and the guidelines proposed by the African Leadership Forum and by the Interuniversity Council for East Africa.

The urgent task is to prepare the youngest generation for leadership, instilling the culture of social commitment and responsibility. This is how the idea to create on the African continent educational programs which help to equip young people with skills and knowledge to enrich their minds and talents to reintroduce the values and the potential of the continent, arose.

The idea is to give priority to the youth in the development of their initiatives in order to create opportunities for training to get the youngsters ready to face daily challenges, keeping the fundamental values of their communities, namely solidarity and fraternity, as their touchstone, respecting the young people’s skills and enhancing the economic and social resources at their disposal.

General Goal

To contribute to strengthening the African civil society and policy in conformity with Agenda 2063 goals 

Specific goals:

  • To contribute to the comprehensive (social, civil, ethical, and political) preparation of young African leaders to favor the growth of a new skilled generation ready to face today’s challenges and flexible to embrace change.
  • To create a permanent space to prepare, inform, etc. the youth at the regional and continental level
  • To build a network of adults and young people thriving for change
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Sophia University Institute: graduates from 12 African countries will put to use their experience acquired during the course of their studies at Sophia University dedicated to the role of the youth for a new Africa.

The project also involves dozens of internationally famous lecturers as well as provides support and gives the best students a chance to win a scholarship (Master and PhD).

New Humanity International NGO: relationships with international institutions, experience in the field of project making, partnership with NGOs active in civil societies at the international level. Contacts with young people with different sensitive issues coming from different communities.

Opus Mariae Reg. Trustees (Kenya): experience in project management and cooperating with other local bodies.

Movement for Politics and Policy for Unity – MPPU: experience in the promotion of schools of social involvement in different countries across the world, contacts with political figures who would like to work for their peoples in the whole world and also in Eastern Africa.

Support for the ‘Together for a New Africa’ project





Project Manager:
Dr. Melchior Nsavyimana