United World Project

On the YouTube channel of the Youth for a United World (the New Humanity young group) you can now find the presentation of the United World Project. It is a massive project launched in 2012 which requires every member of the society to commit through living a direct fraternity experience and synthesizes all the good practices applied in this field in the Atlas of Fraternity.

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Project Summary

We are the youth of New Humanity (The Youth for a United World). We live in 180 countries on five continents and we belong to different cultures, religions and nationalities. We are united by the choice to live the universal fraternity.

We want it to become the new fundamental principle of policy, economy, labour, environment protection, sports, communication, science and art.


We commit to live according to the golden rule “do unto others as you would like them to do to you; don’t do to others what you don’t want done unto you”. Lots of civilizations and traditions cherish this rule because the change starts from each of us individually.

The petition signing we propose represents the choice to put fraternity at the centre of the personal lifestyle.

Sign online at www.petition.unitedworldproject.org and live for fraternity.


The idealism which enlivens us leads to various initiatives arising at the local and global level – the so-called “fragments of fraternity”.

At the global level we promptly intervene to assist victims of earthquakes, floods, famine and wars. At the local level we take small steps of all kinds to build fraternity in our cities, districts and universities. There is a number of exciting initiatives taking place on each of the five continents: actions to help street children, the homeless, the abandoned elderly people, the prisoners and the migrants, depending on the existing local needs.

With the support of New Humanity International NGO we offer to establish the United World Watch able to highlight the idea of fraternity through study, research and raising awareness. Open to the widest cooperation possible, the United World Watch should monitor and promote the worldwide initiatives of fraternity put into action by individuals, groups and institutions.


With the support from New Humanity International NGO we claim the United World Week held from 1996, to be recognized at the institutional level. These seven days witness a wide range of initiatives aimed at shaping the public opinion on our countries and to prove together that building a united world is possible. It is a proposal for cities, institutions, for everybody, designed to promote fraternity and peace at all levels.