HOST SPOT, Phase 3: Planning how to Spread a Culture of Peace

HOST SPOT Alessandria

28 October – 2 November 2017

Alexandria, Egypt

From 28 October to 2 November the third and final meeting of HOSTSPOT washeld in Alexandria of Egypt. It was promoted by various ONGs and Associations, among which the International Association New Humanity (Italy), Starkmacher EV (Germany), Caritas Jordan (Jordan), VACA (Palestine), Jesuit Cultural Center (Alexandria), Association bNET (Italy), Fundación Igino Giordani (Spain), Focolari Trust (Ireland), ÚjVárosAlapítvány (Hungary) and Non dalla Guerra (Italy).


Starting from the experience of being together in the refugee camp in Jordan in August 2016, the young people continued their journey with two other events where they deepened some communication techniques and finally, last stop, in Egypt.

The young people, coming from Hungary, Bosnia, Palestine, Egypt, Spain, Ireland, Italy and Jordan, spent ten days together as the conclusion of this innovative project promoted by the European Community. The projecthas helped to create links and build bridges among the youth’s associations on topics like the pursuit of peace, through dialogue among cultures, formation on today’s issues, and information seminars on the mechanisms that rule the media and communication worlds on migration matters.

An experience that has seen the young protagonists review and summarize the activities already undertaken and decide together how to continue this precious collaboration among the associations, and how to develop projects and put together new synergies in spreading a culture of peace, primarily through training on present issues.