Greenclusive in Brussels: bridging local actions to global impact


The Greenclusive project approaches its conclusion with a visit by young protagonists to the European Union institutions in Brussels. After months of formations, local workshops and practical communitarian actions, 19 young people from 6 different countries came together to elevate the outcomes of its project to the European stage. 

From January 16th to 18th, youth from Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania, Austria, and Hungary had the opportunity to engage in various dialogues with key figures in sustainability, including representatives of the European Green Deal and committed politicians. The journey provided a chance to connect all the locally conducted activities to the reality of the EU institutions. Mátyás Nemeth, from Hungary, states: “This trip to Brussels is very interesting because we can meet people from other countries and share experiences we had back home. We learned how much the European Union has been doing for ecology and how local activities can effectively influence EU decisions.”

Each country developed different activities aligned with their local realities, always emphasizing two common values: sustainability and inclusion. These were moments when the young people engaged with various realities, including Gypsies and Rom, people with disabilities, and youth from foster homes and those incarcerated. From Italy, Ludovica Cesarone shares how the project changed her life: “I know myself, but I don’t know how deeply I understand myself. This project has given me the opportunity to integrate, make friends, and create relationships with incredible people.” 

Three pillars guided this transformative journey: Responsible Citizenship, Green Trainings & Activities, and Sensitization Through Communication. These themes formed the foundation for participants to deepen their understanding of sustainability and its various dimensions. 

The immersive experience began with a visit to the European Council, where an informative session about the functioning of the European institutions set the tone. Subsequent visits included the European Parliament, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), COMECE, the German Representation, and the Green European Foundation. Each visit served not only as a tour but also as an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful dialogues, fostering connections and understanding. 

The project goes beyond practical actions and has a profound impact on the youth, helping to shape them into individuals who are agents of change in the world, equipped with values such as empathy and self-knowledge. “With this project I learned to think also about the other, the importance of not being indifferent. Reflecting about consumerism, we learned about child labor in Bangladesh – when I think about it, I’m sure we need to change the way we consume”, Mária Krištofíková from Slovakia shares her learnings. 

Inclusion is at the heart of sustainability. Protecting the planet and ensuring the sustainability of life on earth depends on the commitment and participation of everyone, regardless of their background, culture, language, or economic situation. Juan Camilo Poveda, coordinator of the Austrian group, emphasizes: “Initiatives like this are very important because young people want to get involved, they want to learn. This is the opportunity to change a whole generation.” The stories shared by participants reflect not just a commitment to sustainability but a collective understanding of the importance of responsible citizenship, nurturing a generation that seeks to redefine the future.


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