New Humanity and EdU (Education for Unity) network experts study possible synergies in the field of Pedagogy of Communion

Benoit at EDU conference IUS

29-30 June 2019, Sophia University Institute, Loppiano

Seminar on “Pedagogy of Communion for an Identity-World”

Prof. Pierre Benoit, a New Humanity expert in the field of education, offered his remarks at the seminar “Pedagogy of Communion for an Identity-World. Paths of reality / utopia” which was co-organized by EdU NGO and other internationally recognized associations and institutions.

The event was an opportunity to present to education experts the activities that New Humanity carries out at an international level in the field of education, in order to study possible synergies and common initiatives between the New Humanity NGO and Education for Unity

Education for Unity, the main promoter of the conference, is the branch of New Humanity in the field of pedagogy and education.

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