International Conference of Linguistic and Literary Studies “Chiara Lubich in dialogue with the world”

24.09.2020 – 26.09.2020 all-day
Sala Congressi "Le Gallerie di Piedicastello"
International Conference of Linguistic and Literary Studies “Chiara Lubich in dialogue with the world” @ Sala Congressi "Le Gallerie di Piedicastello"

Postponed to 24-26 September 2020, this conference will deepen the vast legacy of Chiara Lubich’s writings from a literary and linguistic point of view. It will be held in Trent at the Congress Hall of “Le Gallerie di Piedicastello”.

Upon receiving the “Author of the Year” Award from the Union of Italian Catholic Publishers and Booksellers (UELCI) in 1995, Chiara Lubich thanked the publishers who wanted to give this recognition – she emphasized – to a woman, honoring “a literary work of many years”.  In fact, there are about sixty titles that bear her name, starting with her first book Meditations (1959), of which the 29th edition has just come out, with translations in thirty languages and over a million copies sold, up to Words of Life and Conversations via conference call, the latest publications in the series Works by Chiara Lubich, whose editorial plan includes 14 volumes.

A conspicuous legacy of writings, still largely to be explored from a literary, linguistic and philological point of view, which will be the object of study during the «Chiara Lubich in dialogue with the world» Conference.

Previously scheduled for mid-April, for reasons linked to the coronavirus emergency, the Conference has been postponed to 24-26 September 2020 and will be held, as planned, in Trent, at the Congress Hall of “Le Gallerie di Piedicastello.” Promoted by the Chiara Lubich Center and the “Abbà School” Study Center, and sponsored by the University of Trent, Sophia University Institute and New Humanity, the event, with the participation of experts from various parts of the world, aims to offer study programs on the figure of Chiara Lubich as a significant protagonist of the Italian and European twentieth century, through her life experience and writings. Furthermore, it wants to deepen her specific message focused on universal brotherhood, which has reached peoples of the five continents, and to explore her dream: “a united world”.

The Conference will open with a guided tour of the ” Chiara Lubich City World” Exhibition at “Le Gallerie di Piedicastello” for a first visual contact with manuscripts, prints of her writings and documents regarding her figure. At the end of the Conference, for those who wish, there will be a possibility to visit the “places” of Chiara Lubich (Trent, Tonadico, Fiera di Primiero).

Free participation upon registration by September 5. Download the registration form here.