New Humanity and Teens4Unity at the FAO headquarters


8 September 2017, Rome, FAO headquarters

Generation “Zero Hunger”

The new generations of the Focolare Movement and New Humanity are on the frontline, together with FAO, in the project called «Zero Hunger» by 2030. A goal that is reachable with the cooperation of everyone, with the commitment of everyone.


Today’s teens and youth can become the first generation able to eradicate hunger in the world.

In order to reach this goal, FAO decided to target the new generations.

For this reason, on 8 September, during a meeting at its central headquarters in Rome, two of its executives made a proposal to the international Centers of Teens4Unity and Youth for a United World Movements, with the support of New Humanity, to work with them for this major objective.

The young people agreed with great enthusiasm. They took up the challenge inserting it as one of their priorities in building a united world