New Humanity participates to the debate on the theme of Right to International Solidarity


5 – 7 July 2017, Geneva

Seminar ” International Solidarity: Principle or Right?”

As part of the research seminar — which was focused on reflecting on the philosophical, political and juridical aspects of international solidarity — New Humanity contributed with a reflection on the specific aspects pertaining to the implications in education.

The event took place in Geneva, at the International Welcoming Center and the Palais Wilson, on July 5 to 7 and was promoted by New Humanity and other organizations belonging to the Forum of the Catholic Inspired NGOs in Geneva (CINGO).

It consisted on an initiative in the context of a ten-year long effort on a closer dialogue among cultures, and it proposed a reflection on the concept of human solidarity based on intercultural dialogue and respect of cultural diversity and human rights. The topic is part of a wider debate on the progress of international solidarity with respect to the Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

Precisely for that reason, the addresses of Dr. Jorge Ferreira, New Humanity representative at the United Nations in Geneva, and of the other speakers will be published in an e-book, with the goal to contribute to the debate on the Declaration on the Right to International Solidarity, at the Council for Human Rights.

The topics of the sessions were focused on: Common Reason and Awareness, Freedom and Equality, and Human Family—Solidarity and Fraternity in 2016. New Humanity’s address, entitled “Solidarity: the role of Education” was part of this last session.

The seminar was supported by UNESCO and organized in collaboration with various universities and international research centers.