United World Project: Various UNESCO National Comissions meet New Humanity’s Youth delegations

United World Project I giovani di N. H. da varie Comm. nazionali UNESCO. Ultimi aggiornamenti

The Youth of New Humanity (Youth for a United World) from Slovenia, Mexico, Czech Republic and Ivory Coast met with their UNESCO National Commissions.
As it happened in France and Uruguay, it was their turn to present to the respective national commissions for UNESCO the United World Project. This great International Project – in collaboration with New Humanity – promotes the fraternity issue and the “Golden Rule” (“do onto others, as you would them do unto you”) at the international level.
Their Reports at the end of their meetings.

From the Czech Republic:
“On 30th May, we met with the UNESCO National Commission in Prague. We were received by the responsible, Dr. Michaela Andresová and in a very open and sincere atmosphere, we presented ourselves explaining the United World Project and how we live for universal brotherhood with young people from all over the world. We also presented our projects in the Czech Republic.
Dr. Michaela Andresová listened to us very attentively and at the end, she requested us to keep in touch and update her regularly on all that we are doing and especially with regards to the progress of the United World Project.”

 2013.05.30.Slovenia.IncUnescoFrom Slovenia:
“On 30th May, Tina, Ana, Domen and Mihela met with Dr. Marjutka Hafner, Secretary General of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO. It was a friendly meeting, in which Dr. Marjutka Hafnersi expressed her keen interest in what we are doing and her conviction for the need of dialogue and building of bridges with all persons.
We have briefly explained who we are and where the project started from. She offered the greatest willingness to support those initiatives.”

From Mexico:
“During our meeting on 24th May with Dr. Guerrero, responsible for the Inter-Institutional Relationships for UNESCO office in Mexico, we presented the United World Project. He was very happy to see young people who wanted to do something for others, adding: ‘in these days, it’s not so easy to meet young people like you.’”

2013.04.13.IncUnescoCostaDAvorioFrom the Ivory Coast:
“On 30th April, the Youth for a United World have been received by Professor Bamba Lou Mathieu, General Secretary of the National Commission for Ivory Coast.
“Professor Bamba immediately signed his commitment to live the “Golden Rule” and urged his colleagues to do the same.”

Other meetings with UNESCO National Commissions are now planned in other Countries of the world during next months. For more information: www.unitedworldproject.org